St. Luke’s Episcopal Church on S. College Avenue. The old frame building where the congregation met in the 1870s can be seen behind the stone building. It was originally located at Mountain and Linden.

On May 2, 1875, the first Sunday morning service of the newly established Episcopal missionary station was held in Fort Collins. The congregation bought a frame building, Tutton Hall, that stood at the corner of Mountain Avenue and Linden Street. It had been constructed in 1873 to house the Larimer County Bank, opened by A. B. Tutton. But when the bank went bust and Tutton fled town, the Metropolitan Billiard Hall moved into the vacant property. The Episcopalians bought the building in August of 1876.

The Episcopal Church was given the name St. Luke’s during the consecration of Tutton Hall for church purposes. St. Luke’s was the only church for quite some time with a name other than just being described by the denomination it represented.

In January 1881, the congregation purchased a lot one block to the south, on the southeast corner of Oak Street and College Avenue. The cornerstone of their new stone building was laid on November 2, 1882, and the building was completed the following year. They brought their old frame hall along with them, positioning it right behind the new stone church. The frame buiding later became a flower shop. (It’s possible they moved the frame building and continued to meet in it until the new building was completed.)

Eventually the congregation outgrew the 1881 building and on February 14, 1965 a new building was consecrated south of Stuart street on Stover.