Salvation Army

Need to add an image. (Maybe the plaque on Linden?)

“JUST LIKE ELKS The other day a couple of wild Elks broke out of the corral at Fort Collins and for about four hours the people of that live city were busy. Bros. N. C. Alford and Thos. H. Robertson, members of 804, made a wager that the latter would not stand on the street and ring a bell and get donations for the Salvation army for aChristmas dinner for the poor. Tom took the bet and made it lively and the brother Elks of the town hired a livery rig and donning tin stars, captured everybody and made them pay a dollar. Business was practically suspended during the fun and a large sum was raised. Both the brothers donated $25. — National Elks’ Journal.” (The Weekly Courier, January 6, 1909)