Rotary Club

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1918 – The Fort Collins Rotary Club was formed. 

“13 Rotarians from Greeley (one of whom was the father of our own Luther Hickman) made the trek on May 13, 1918, — their purpose to form a Rotary Club in Fort Collins. The organizational meeting held at the Northern Hotel coordinated the adoption of a constitution and bylaws and resulted in Rotary Club #416, chartered on August 1, 1918, with 28 members.” (Rotary Fort Collins, History of Rotary Club of Fort Collins.)

It appears members were meeting even before the club became official:

“The regular monthly meeting of the Rotary Club assembled at the Y. M. C. A. last evening.” (The Weekly Courier, July 12, 1918)

“Probably the most interesting meeting ever held by the Rotary club of this city was that of this noon when the members gathered around the luncheon table to discuss the question of removal of vice from the cantonments where our soldier boys are being trained. There was a large attendance of the members and Captain Shreeve, in command at the State Agricultural college, led the discussion in a 10 minute address, followed by Lieut. H. H. Antles, of the law enforcement division of the Sanitary Corps of the United States armies, stationed at Kansas City, and by Dr. Erlo E. Kennedy, secretary of the state board of health and acting as assistant surgeon of the United States public health service with headquarters.” (The Weekly Courier, July 26, 1918)