On August 25, 1872, a Presbyterian Church was organized by Sheldon Jackson, the Superintendent of Territorial Missions. Meetings were held in Old Grout and in the school building on Riverside before the congregation constructed a building of their own in 1876. Their new building was dedicated on June 24th, 1877 where it stood on the west corner of Linden and Walnut streets.

On June 27th, 1887, a cornerstone was laid at the corner of Remington and Olive Streets to mark the beginning of a new church building for the congregation. That building was completed in November of the same year at a cost of $9,000. It could seat 400 adults. Andrew Armstrong was the superintendent of construction for the building.

Many prominent members of the Fort Collins community have been members of the First Presbyterian Church including Mason, Mathews, Peterson, Stover, Whedbee, Shepardson, Dunn, Kruse and others.

In September 1914, the Presbyterians moved to a new building on the northwest corner of S. College Avenue and Myrtle Street. The church was closed for three months in 1918, due to the Influenza Epidemic, but attendance increased after residents were able to begin attending services again.

In May 1958, the congregation began to look for construction bids in order to bring to life the 36-room education building that had been designed by William Robb, a well known local architect.

And on October 10th, 1976, members met in the sanctuary of the church that had been built in 1914 to formally end its time of service. They then progressed to the new sanctuary, recently completed behind the older building, to dedicate it. The keys to the older building were handed over to the trustees as the congregation ceremonially moved over to the new sanctuary. The 1914 building was demolished soon after.