Fort Collins Drug Stores

I need to add a photo here. 

Fort Collins had two early drug stores that seemed to last over an extensive period of time. Others will be included as well as I come across them. 

City Drug

A. W. Scott’s Drug Store (Rexall Pharmacy)

A. W. Scott moved to Fort Collins in 1882. He worked as a pharmacist at the Parlor Drug Store (which had been established in 1877). Wills & Scott became (or were?) proprietors. (Daily Express, December 15, 1882)

A. W. Scott opened his own drugstore on Linden, next door to the Silcott Bros. furniture store (Fort Collins Courier, September 12, 1889). 

He moved the business to 115 E. Mountain in 1890 when the new Kissock Block opened up. There he set up a soda fountain. (Fort Collins Courier, April 17, 1890) (He may be been in the Kissock Block on Linden before this time. See May 5, 1887 paper.) 

Parlor Drug Store