A. W. Scott’s Pharmacy,

Poudre Valley National Bank

101 S. College Avenue

Rare Italian Restaurant, 101 S. College Ave.

Grange (1873 – 1883)

“On the 14th of December, 1873, Collins Grange No. 7, Patrons of Husbandry, was organized with twenty-five members, in a hall on the second floor of a frame building which stood where Scott’s drug store now stands. The first officers were R. Q. Tenney, Master, and E. F. Kerr, Secretary. This became the leading Grange in the State, and at one time had a membership of about 100. The Grange purchased the hall it met in and the building was known as Grange hall until it burns down, in 1883.” -Ansel Watrous, History of Larimer County, Colorado. 

Fort Collins Hardware Company (1894 – )

“Fort Collins Hardware Co., broke ground last week at the corner of College and Mountain avenue, next to Shields tailor shop, for a big, two story brick business block.” (Fort Collins Courier, September 27, 1894)

Scott’s Pharmacy (1909 – )

A. W. Scott’s pharmacy had been located at 115 E. Mountain Avenue until it moved to this location at 101 S. College around 1910. The building extended from College to the alley. It had an elegant cornice that peaked at the center with decorative molding. The front windows, facing College Avenue, were arched. Along the W. Mountain Avenue side of the building, the second story contained several windows, but the windows on the first story were small and high, probably to provide light without being blocked by the cabinetry inside the building.

“The work of remodeling the building at the corner of College and Mountain avenues, formerly occupied by the Fort Collins Hardware company, for Scott’s pharmacy, was begun on Monday and will be pushed forward with all convenient speed. J. M. Morrison has the contract for putting in the new front. The interior fixtures are being made in Denver and they will be as fine as were ever made in the state.” (The Weekly Courier, June 9, 1909)

The Weekly Courier, August 11, 1909 announced that the tile floor was being laid for Scott’s Pharmacy. So he clearly hadn’t moved in yet.

“LOW & STEPHENSON ARE READY FOR BUSINESS Low & Stephenson are now ready for business In their new location, on Mountain avenue just west of College, in the new Scott drug store block. They will carry a full line of gents furnishings, catering to the best patronage and supplying the wants of the man who desires to be well dressed. The firm is composed of L. L. Low, formerly with the State Mercantile company, and B. H. Stephenson, formerly with Wood’s book store. The young men begin with a fine stock and splendid prospects for success.” (The Weekly Courier, September 1, 1909)

“Dr. S. M. Gibbs and Dr. B. A. Gooding today moved their offices from the Whitton block to rooms over Scott’s new drug store.”    “Frank J. Annis is now occupying his new quarters in suite 1, 2, and 3, second floor of the building at the corner of Mountain and College avenues, which will soon be occupied by Scott’s drug store. The offices are handsomely decorated, well lighted and ventilated and heated by steam. The big double reception room is fitted up with golden oak furniture, while Mr. Annis’ private office is furnished in early English, with rugs to match. There is a private rom for the stenographer, with oak as the prevailing furnishing.” (The Weekly Courier, September 8, 1909)

“The A. W. Scott Drug company will be in their new location, corner West Mountain and S. College avenues, Saturday, September 18th, and will be ready to do business from this date on. The grand opening day, however, will probably be one week later. Watch for announcement.” (The Weekly Courier, September 15, 1909)

In the September 3rd, 1915 Weekly Courier, it was announced that the Poudre Valley National Bank would move into A. W. Scott’s pharmacy building and that Scott would move his pharmacy to “the Scott building now occupied by the Fort Collins Furniture store.” It was estimated that the changes required to the buildings would take about a year to complete.

On September 1st, 1916, the Weekly Courier announced, “NUMBER OF CHANGES SCHEDULED The A. W. Scott Drug company will soon be ready to move into its elegant new quarters, some of the heavy goods being already taken to the new location. The Poudre Valley National bank will at once take possession of the drug company’s old quarters and hopes within sixty days to have all alterations and improvements made so they can move into Scotts present location.”