The Masonic Temple

225 W. Oak Street

The Masonic Temple. (Photo by Meg Dunn.)

The Masons moved to this location from their previous building at 137/149 W. Mountain, which they had built in 1902.

Construction of the Masonic Lodge. (Archive at FCMoD, H15894.)

Fort Collins Express-Courier, 22 Dec 1925. 

“Masonic Temple Is Rapidly Nearing Its Completion
The fine new Masonic temple is nearing completion as rapidly as the painters, finishers, carpet layers, electricians and other workmen can complete the job, which will probably not be more than six weeks from this date. The building is costing a hundred thousand or more and the lots and furnishings $50,000. L. D. Crain has the supervision of the work and Orton davis the general contract. The basement will contain living quarters for the caretake and janitor, the kitchen, hall, ball room, furnace, etc.
The first floor will be given over to the club rooms for both ladies and gentlemen. The second floor to lodge and property rooms. The spacious lodge room is a beauty. It has two rows of seats along each side and three in the balcony. The building is a credit to the local lodge of Masons and the city as well. The public is due for a pleasant surprise when the building is completed and opened up.” (Fort Collins Express-Courier, 18 May 1927.)

Grand Opening/Dedication held on June 27, 1927. 

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