Antler’s Hotel

220, 222 Linden Street

Antlers Hotel. Photo taken by Meg Dunn in December 2013.

1905-1906: The Elk Hotel.

1906 – : The Antler’s Hotel.

“The new three story hotel on Linden street will be known as the Elk hotel. Its name appears in big letters in the cornice facing the street.” (The Weekly Courier, June 21, 1905. Page 12.) 

“Elk Hotel Building Leased.
The Elk hotel  building, including the two store rooms on the ground floor, has been leased and the lessees are anxiously awaiting its completion.
P. P. Tubbs has taken a five year’s lease on the hotel proper and has already gone east to select and purchase the needed furniture and fixtures for the house.
The south store room has been leased to J. S. Cunningham, who will conduct a drug store therein, and the room next north of that will be occupied by Myers & Co. with a stock of dry goods and clothing.” (The Weekly Courier, July 5, 1905, Page 1.) 

“The hotel in the La Jeunesse block, leased by P. P. Tubbs, will be known as the Elk hotel. It will have thirty-seven rooms, with steam heat and hot and cold water in each room. The place will be opened for business, at $1.50 per day, about the first of September.” (The Fort Collins Express, July 5, 1905, page 4.) 

“J. S. Cunningham has opened a very neat and well-stocked drug store in the south room of the new Elk hotel. His soda fountain is a beauty.” (The Weekly Courier, 13 September 1905, page 11.) 

“Elk hotel is now open for business.” (The Weekly Courier, 27 September 1905, page 7.) 

“The new Elk hotel opened for business Friday with the rooms practically all taken. The second floor will be ready for occupancy about October 1st. B. R. Johnson and W. W. Kennedy, of Martinsville, Ind., were the first guests registered.” (Fort Collins Express, September 27, 1905, page 4.) 

“Breakfast, lunch and dinner at Elk hotel.” (The Weekly Courier, 4 October 1905, page 7.) 

Grand Opening Announcement in the newspaper

Fort Collins Express, September 13, 1905, page 13.

“The Elk’s hotel, which was opened for business about six weeks ago, with P. P. Tubbs as host, is rapidly attaining an enviable reputation as a first class and up-to-date house. All the rooms are large, airy well kept and elegantly furnished. There are 35 of these guest rooms, a gentlemen’s lobby and a ladies parlor on the second floor, and a large dining room and office on the ground floor. The hotel is conducted in a strictly first class manner.” (The Weekly Courier, 22 November 1905, page 12.)

$6.00 per week at Elk hotel.” (Weekly Courier, December 6, 1905, page 7.)

“The Elk hotel on Linden street, with 35 guest chambers, finished, furnished and opened in September, at a cost of $22,000.” (Weekly Courier, 27 December 1905, page 3.)

“Mr. S. N. Jones and wife have taken the Elk Hotel building and in the future will make it a first-class up-to-date resort. Mr. Jones is a hotel man of wide experience who came here from Seattle a few months ago. He took charge of the hostelry Saturday night and furnished his first meal Sunday morning. A special dinner was served  the guests on New Year’s day and Mr. Jones feels confident from the first few day’s returns that he will soon cater to his share at least of the highest and best class of trade in the city.” (Fort Collins Express, 3 January 1906, page 9.) 

“The Elk Hotel
The management of the Elk hotel has lately changed hands. Mr. S. N. Jones, an old reliable hotel man of wide experience now having charge of it. Everything in the hotel is new and up-to-date, every room being supplied with hot and cold water, electric lights and gas, and steam heat. It is conveniently situated on Linden street, close to the center of the business of the city, and offered unusual advantages to transients as well as to permanent roomers. Mr. Jones intends to keep the hostelry up to the standard of a first-class hotel.” (Fort Collins Express, 3 January 1906, page 12.) 

“On Wednesday Just a second. Alvey and Just a second. Phillips appeared before Justice Cooper, charged with running gambling rooms in the Elk hotel. They pleaded guilty to the charge and were each fined $50 and costs. Wm. Forshay and Lee Fraser, who were arrested at the time of the raid, also entered a plea of guilty before Justice Cooper and were fined $15 and costs each.” (The Weekly Courier, 3 January 1906, page 12.) 

“Frank E. Dennis, late a Denver hotel man of many years’ experience, has assumed the control and management of the Elk hotel, the new hotel on Linden street.” (The Weekly Courier, 7 March 1906, page 17.)  Dennis raised the price to $2/day. (Fort Collins Express, 21 March 1906, page 4.) 

Name changed from the Elk hotel to the Antlers hotel May 1, 1906, Frank F. Dennis, manager. (The Weekly Courier, May 2, 1906. Page 13.) — Trying to capitalize on the familiarity of the name due to the Antler’s Hotel in Colorado Springs? 

G. J. LaJeunesse, Linden, Elk hotel; Frank Garnick, architect; Garnick & Son, builders; $22,000.” (“A Season of Great Prosperity for Fort Collins Home Builders,” The Weekly Courier, December 27, 1905, page 3.)