Mulberry Max, Target, 2-story Parking Garage

460 S. College Ave. – 405, 415, 419, 423, and 429 Remington. 

Mulberry Max, Wells Fargo, and Target, located at 460 S. College Ave. (Photo by Meg Dunn, taken on December 19, 2022.)

Early development included houses, an office, and First Christian Church. 

1963 – most of the houses were razed

1964 – Big “D” Food Market and Poudre Rexall (owned by Jack Hahn) opened

1970 – Del Farm Foods ran its first ad mid-February, 1970. 

1973 – Del Farm Foods became National – Del Farm, and then National Supermarket. 

Was there a grocery store called Colony at some point?

Was there a Phillips 66 at some point? 

1988 – The entire block is razed to make room for a Safeway with 2-stories of parking. 

Buildings along S. College.

1st Christian Church

1909 Sanborn map. The above section showing block 124 is made up from a part of pages 12 and 15. 

Buildings along Remington Street.

405 Remington: Abner Loomis House

415 Remington: William A. Drake House, Colonnades Tea House

419 Remington

423 Remington

429 Remington

2022 overhead view of block 124 from Google Maps.