250 Jefferson

242, 250 Jefferson

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Blake House (242 Jefferson) was built in 1870. It was renamed the Metropolitan hotel with B. S. Tedmon proprietor for a time. Tedmon moved the building over and replaced it with a new 3-story brick building.

Tedmon House was built in 1879/80. It opened to the public in May 1880.


The Union (250 Jefferson) is a metal frame building constructed in 2017.


The Blake Hotel, 242 Jefferson, was originally built on the site of the Tedmon in 1870, but was moved west when Bolivar Tedmon purchased the site in 1879. It was named the Metropolitan at the time. In 1882, it was purchased by “Auntie Stone” (Elizabeth Stone) and named the Cottage House Hotel. Both hotels were demolished in 1910 to build the Union Pacific Railroad line.

The Tedmon hotel was opened in May of 1880. (Fort Collins Courier, May 20, 1880)